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Our latest BBC shorts is about Creating Boundaries.

The pandemic has accelerated the idea of home / remote working and it’s here to stay.

It’s given us the flexibility to create a more blended approach to our work and home lives, like bringing the kids to school, doing a load of laundry, grabbing a coffee or going to a doctor's appointment.


We’re missing the downtime commuting gave us. We need to take that time back and do something we enjoy, like read a book, call someone up on the phone, listen to a podcast or just chill out!


We’ve not been great at creating and maintaining boundaries. A lot of us are working more hours, but are we being effective by doing so?

When you finish work for the day, actually STOP. Decide a time that your workday ends and leave it there – no laptop, phone, email, chat, you get the picture. Turn the notifications OFF.

Make time for yourself – Schedule in (YOUR CALENDAR) some time for you. The time you will use to rest, process and recharge.

And, hey, you’re allowed to relax. You don’t need to feel guilty about it. You’ll be a better person and more energized to take on challenges and roadblocks.

Work-wise do the same;

Agree on a schedule with your team — When do we turn on? When do we switch off? There need to be guidelines but they need to be respected - you will be a more productive colleague for it.

And if you’re a boss, lead by example.

Change doesn’t just happen — YOU need to make it happen, for yourself, your colleagues or your team.

So what will you commit to doing differently today?


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