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Don’t wait for the system to let you in—break down the door and build your damn thing. In this episode, our incredible guest, Kathryn Finney digs into how you can build your businesses in a world that has overlooked and underestimated you. She discloses the power of entrepreneurship and why it is essential to understand the value of everyone’s work. Let’s build a startup and break down the barriers!

Kathryn cofounded Digitalundivided in 2012, the first incubator for Black and Latinx women. Her report, called Project Diane, revealed how little venture capital goes to startups founded by women of color; only 24 over two years. She also founded a financial lifestyle blog, The Budget Fashionista, and in 2014, became one of the first black women to sell her site.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 - 10:40] Opening Segment

Kathryn shares her experience in high school

Always take a risk and win

Show people what’s possible

Why the development of your core values is helpful

[10:41 - 20:30] The Power of Entrepreneurship

Kathryn’s emotional response to starting her entrepreneur journey

Have your own money and create a life that you control

When Kathryn decided to jump in to help other people to navigate entrepreneurship

The perception of success and its impact

[20:31 -31:00] Understand the Value of Everyone's Work

Where more work needs to be done in how we address the issue of people of color in business

The economic output we value

The black and brown communities

Kathryn’s outlook on the American exceptionalism

[31:01 - 38:27] Closing Segment

Introducing Build The Damn Thing

Inspire many people to do the same

The random round with Kathryn

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Tweetable Quotes:

“You’re perfect in your imperfection. Who you’re is perfect. ” - Kathryn Finney

“Before you start building a company or product, understand who you are and what it is that you stand for.” - Kathryn Finney

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