Wild Ales & Fermentations Part 3 (Sour Beers) - Molly Browning & Dr Matthew J. Farber


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Continuing with our Wild Ales & Fermentations segment, we wrap up with the final episode of the segment with part 3, where I chat with two US based guests, both with big accolades in the realm of beer science and that is none other than Lallemand East Coast Technical Manager Molly Browning and Dr Matthew. J Farber of University of Sciences in Philadelphia to discuss all things Spontaneous Fermentations in relation to Sour Beers.
We cover some interesting ground including the sour beer boom both in the US, Australia and other countries, the different types of sour beers in the market, the unique back story of the Lallemand Philly sour yeast that was isolated in Dr Matthew J Farbers lab in Philadelphia, the different bacteria’s that contribute to sour beers, as well as the various approaches professional brewers are taking towards brewing sour beers in modern times.
It’s a great chat with Molly and Matt, who both enjoy a beer during our discussion to share with the audience their wealth of knowledge and insights in relation to sour beers and spontaneous fermentations.
University of Sciences, Philadelphia
More info on Philly Sour
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