Wild Ales & Fermentations Part 1 - Topher Boehm from Wildflower


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Today’s episode we begin our Wild Ales & Fermentations segment where we chat with brewery owners that are pushing the envelope in regarding to the unique types of beers they are producing and offering to the craft beer market.

In part 1, I had the pleasure of speaking with Marrickville based Brewery Owner of Wildflower Topher Boehm to discuss their unique brewing & beer offerings in relation to wild yeast and barrel aged blending.

I was very much excited to have Topher on the podcast to discuss how he uses wild yeast that he has collected and cultivated over the years from the regional bushlands of NSW to express one-of-a-kind beers that not even the hardcore beer punters have experienced before.

His childhood always evolved around making good food from scratch and learning to have a craft that can be perfected over time that should never be clouded or hurried by money or popularity and this reflects in his business philosophies with Wildflower.

He is a big believer in starting small and scaling up organically within your means as he shares with the audience some very interesting business advice for those looking at starting a brewery, especially in regard to the unique business model they have established.
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