Beer Distribution Part 3 - Bryant Soorkia from Ready Set China (Exporting Beer to China)


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In this episode, I chat with Bryant Soorkia from Ready Set China who represents and imports a number of famous Australian beer brands into mainland China.

Not a topic I thought I would cover, especially for those just starting their brewery building journey, but the opportunity to chat with Bryant presented itself and I am glad I did so. As craft is growing in Australia, so too an infant craft beer scene is picking up momentum in the largest economy in the world, China. Born and bred in Melbourne, Bryant has spent many years over in China. He is currently the North China Regional Sales Manager of 31Jiu, a beverage importer and distributor, and he also his own marketing consulting business Ready Set China which helps businesses outside of mainland China break into the market helping them with brand representation in a vastly differing consumer culture.

In our chat we discuss the potential opportunities for Australian Craft beer brands to tap into the Chinese craft beer market, what the import regulations and conditions into mainland China are, the business & consumer culture differences between that of China and the Western world and finally some important infrastructure aspects a brewery should have in place before considering sending their beer overseas.

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31Jiu Website
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