Marketing, Design & Beer Media Part 4 - James Smith from Crafty Pint


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In this episode, I chat with well-known figure within the Australian Craft Beer Industry, James Smith, who was the founder of Good Beer Week and online magazine & new resource, The Crafty Pint.
Originally from the UK and working for a newspaper over there, James and his wife then moved over to Australia in 2008. After being introduced to a few people in the brewing industry, he started to realise that there was a few breweries and a small craft beer scene developing in Australia around the time but had very little media coverage on it. In 2010 he then launched Crafty Pint, and only a few months after that Good Beer Week, which was a week long of events related to craft beer. In modern day, crafty pint is an industry leading news publication for the craft beer scene in Oz, and Good Beer Week has grown to be come a National Event being taken over by the Independent Brewers Association.

In our chat we discuss the media options available to new and established breweries that they can take advantage of to get their name out there and create a bit of buzz about their beers. We talk about the rise of craft beer in relation to social media and much more.
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