Marketing, Design & Beer Media Part 1 - Wade Curtis (Formerly Ballistic & 4Hearts Brewing)


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A breweries brand is so important in a continuously growing and competitive market place. Brewing beer is only a small part of a brewery’s overall operations, and whilst a good quality and consistent product can speak for itself at times, having a well thought out marketing plan on how you are going to ensure your beer is getting into more thirsty beer drinkers hands is another key aspect, and in my opinion an often under prioritized focus for a new brewery.

In part 1 of the segment, I talk with former Head of Marketing at Ballistic and Founder of 4Hearts Brewing Wade Curtis to discuss the importance of a brewery having a plan of attack when it comes to their marketing and brand development.

Having a career background in Marketing, Wade wet his appetite for good beer during at trip overseas in 2001 sampling beers from the UK, Belgium, Germany and the like. His first step into commercial brewing came with doing a test batch as Bacchus Brewing in 2010, and got going this way through the gyspy and contract brewing route. He then went onto open up 4Hearts Brewing and then joined the Ballistic guys taking the role as Head of Marketing.

Thoroughly enjoyed my chat with Wade, who shares an absolute wealth of information as well as industry insider tips and tricks when it comes to product buzz, exposure and brand development.
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