Gypsy Brewing Part 2 - Brad Walker from Sunday Road Brewing Co.


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Continuing on with Part 2 of our Gypsy Brewing segment, I chat with Founder & Owner Brad Walker of the Sutherland Shire based brewery, Sunday Road.

Brad along with a number of other successful breweries, started out as a gypsy brewer before launching into his very own physical brewery.

Beginning his journey in 2016, bouncing around a couple different breweries such as Wayward in Sydney’s Inner West and Illawarra Brewing Co down Wollongong way, Brad learnt his craft and built the Sunday Road brand via the gypsy brewing path for several years.

In this episode, Brad shares his personal views and opinions of what gypsy brewing is, and what it isn’t, the differences between gypsy brewing today compared to when he and many other breweries started out down this same path, and he talks about his tough slog story of his gypsy brewing days, his learning and personal development about professional brewing, the business side of the brewing industry, plus all the challenges, mistakes, as well as successes leading up to the eventual opening up of his very own physical brewery.
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