Equipment Sourcing Part 2 - John Gonzales from Bespoke Brewing Solutions


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In this episode I chat with John Gonzales from Bespoke Brewing Solutions. Originally from Austin, Texas, and at the age of 24 back in 2007 he found himself relocating to China within the IT & Logistics space. During this time he found himself occasionally supplying Stainless steel growlers and soon began building some good connections with people within the brewing industry. In 2014, John started Bespoke Brewing Solutions along with other experienced industry professionals, for the past 6 years now they have been designing breweries and installing equipment all over the world with a good solid list of clients now here in Australia.

Just like Neil from Asian Beer Network in Part 1 of this segment, John offers some cracking information on what to be thinking about when setting up your brewery and the important considerations when picking the shiny bits of stainless to start brewing on.

Having a good repertoire of clients here in Australia, John offers some great insights about the current and future outlook of the craft beer industry in Australia as well.
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