Building A Brewery On A Shoestring Budget with Tom Hennessy


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Today’s episode we explore how to Build a Brewery on a Shoestring budget by talking with author of many books including the Brewery Operations Manual and the Affordable Brewery, and that is none other than US Based Brewpub Legend, Tom Hennessy from the Colorado Boy Brewery.

Now for those that are unfamiliar with Tom, his been around the commercial brewing industry since the 90’s and is famous for coining the term Frankenbrew.

Building and owning 6 Brewpubs and 1 packaging brewery in his time, Tom is very well placed in sharing advice to those wishing to build their very own brewpub and brewery.

Tom’s philosophy for starting a brewery is a practical and cost-effective approach, showing tremendous out of the box, creative thinking when it comes to saving money when building out your brewery and sourcing and putting together your equipment for a 1/3 of the average cost.
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