Beer Packaging Part 1 - Chris Kelly from East Coast Canning


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So you’ve built your brewery, customers are enjoying having your beers in your tap room, demand is starting to gather momentum, now what? Have you considered what you will do for takeaways other than growlers, are their opportunities to get your beer into local bottleshops or pubs, or are there talks currently going on with beverage distributors to send your beer far & wide? This is when you need to start thinking about a strategy with managing your beer packaging.
Part 1 of the segment I talk with Managing Director Chris Kelly from East Coast Canning. Chris has a background in science and after travelling around the US with his wife many years back he quickly noticed their majority of beer was being served in cans. Knowing that this was something that wasn’t quite happening over in Australia, that light bulb moment came on for Chris where he could build a business to fill a gap in the market over here and that’s when the birth of the mobile canning service East Coast Canning got started.

In my chat with Chris he talks about the services they offer to breweries for canning their beers, when and why breweries consider using them and some interesting insights about beer packaging within the Australian and other international markets.
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