Ouija, I Hardly Know Ya


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In this episode, Cody and Chris bring on the amazing, incredible hosts of the Box of Oddities podcast, Kat and Jethro, to finally talk about a subject they have been avoiding for sometime: spirit boards. First, Kat tells a reddit story in which a girl and her friends summon a spirit that supposedly moves trees. Then, Jethro shares a story where another group of girls contact a spirit who spews out Heart lyrics that become ominously relevant later. Next, Cody tells us about his own personal Ouija experience, followed by the true story of a girl who killed a family member after being instructed by a summoned spirit. Finally, Chris gets into a true Ouija experience in Spain that was the basis for the horror movie, Veronica. Creep of the Week is a game that Cody plays with our guests. Drinks this week are Game Day Bud Light, Voodoo Ranger, and NA Sangria.

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