I Dream of Jinni


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In this episode, Chris and Cody travel to the Middle East to share those supposed wish granting creatures, jinn. First, Cody talks about Hank Wessleman PhD, who details his own super woo encounters with a jinn who told him all about the universe. Then, Chris tells a true story of one Muslim practitioner’s close encounter with a spirit she believed to be a jinn. Next, Cody discusses a specific town, Bahla, Oman, where jinn are said to mess with people like crazy and cause walls to “refuse” to be rebuilt after crumbling. Finally, Chris tells of another town, Al Jazirah Al Hamra, a once thriving pearl-diving village that has been said to be abandoned due to an infestation of djinn. Creep of the Weeks brings us the thrilling conclusion of listener Heather’s story of her home in Nicaragua. Drinks this week are Hive & Honey Wine and Saudi Champagne.

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