#212 Flowing with Ben Bruno


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Welcome to 2021, everyone. Shannon is excited to kick off the new year with a chat with personal trainer, educator, speaker and consultant, Ben Bruno. Ben works with an extremely wide range of clients from professional athletes, actors, musicians, models and even his mom. Ben is also passionate about educating people and has published or been featured in over 200 publications such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Sports Illustrated and ESPN. He also consults with several different sports organizations regarding their strength and conditioning programs and is regularly featured on the Today Show. Shannon and Bruno didn’t know each other prior to this conversation, but as they chatted, Shannon was reminded again and again of some of her father’s own principles and philosophies, such as, being the eternal student, individualized training to fit your needs, quality over quantity, and setting goals and applying oneself. But what Shannon really appreciated most about Ben was his laid back yet committed attitude and his desire to be practical and fun while achieving results. He made her want to train with him! So listen in for some thoughts on Bruce Lee’s fitness through the eyes of a professional trainer and to get some much needed inspiration for the year ahead. Shannon feels like we could all use a little motivation and strength as this year kicks off so who better to talk to than trainer, Ben Bruno!

Connect with Ben:


IG - @benbrunotraining

Twitter - @benbruno1

To get one of Ben’s awesome tee shirts go here: https://www.theloyalist.com/brunostrong

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