Lindsey Buckingham: Going His Own Way


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Lindsey Buckingham’s signature finger-style guitar is perhaps as recognizable as the countless classic songs he wrote while he was in Fleetwood Mac. Buckingham is a self-taught guitar virtuoso and songwriter who famously joined Fleetwood Mac in the mid ‘70s with his then girlfriend, Stevie Nicks. The band had been around since ‘67 with various singers, guitarists and songwriters. The only constant was their rhythm section: drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie. But the band didn’t blow up until Buckingham and Nicks joined, writing mega hits for their insanely successful 10th and 11th albums including the 20-times platinum album, Rumours. On today’s episode Bruce Headlam talks to Lindsey Buckingham about his new self-titled solo album. Buckingham also tells Bruce that he and Nicks never really got closure from their breakup, and how that affected their professional relationship in the decades since.

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