S2-E1: Relaunch! Revisiting the Mummy’s Curse


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We are back and better than before! With a bigger team, better research, and better audio production, we make our grand re-entry to your streaming platforms! To kick things off, we are revisiting our very first episode - the curse of King Tutankhamen (or lack thereof). We talk about how the Egyptian craze spread across Western Europe, the discovery of King Tut by Howard Carter’s team, and how the curse was sensationalized across the media. The book Georgia references is: London’s Curse by Mark Beynon. New episodes on the 13th of every month and you can listen to our very Monster of the Week campaign at the end of every month. Find us on Facebook (join our fun group!), Instagram, and Twitter by searching “Broadcast from the Belfry.” Broadcast from the Belfry is created, written, and co-hosted by Georgia (@cackle.queen); co-hosted by Sonjay (@cicadasongphoto); produced by Shannon (@theteacupking); with research by Brandan (who is a ghost and has no social media); and social media by Hope (@hburkenstock).

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