BSR_S05E10 - Brian Sanders' JUNK presents, "Dragonbutter"


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Begin your journey in an 8,000 square foot abandoned laboratory building, at 2nd and Spring Garden streets, where expert researchers are trying to understand what the mysterious Dr. Livingston was working on and determine if there is anything to salvage before the building is demolished. You will quickly find clues from nonsensical scribblings that Dr. Livingston was not only a considerable genius, but also an impractical man teetering on insanity.

Part video game, part escape room, and part performance, Dragonbutter takes you through multiple themed rooms filled with stunning light and sound arrangements. You and 11 of your companions will need to tackle riddles, hidden doors, and creative challenges leading up to the finale where you will come face-to-face with the “Boss.” Who will get out of the laboratory?

Dragonbutter is recommended for children 13 and older. Performances have a limited capacity of 12 people and will run from July 9 through 26.


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