Michelle Walter 'The evolution of design maturity within ANZ Bank'


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In this episode I speak with Michelle Walter, Head of Design Ops at ANZ bank in Australia. I’ve been connecting with Michelle for a number of months about all things strategic design. ANZ were my bank of choice in Australia, not out of a deep loyalty or anything - they weren’t the most innovative of banks for a very long time, but in September 2017 they made a big ballsy statement I felt. They hired Opher Yom Tov, a Chief Design Officer for the bank and also other key hires include the brilliant, Michelle Walter.

In this episode we speak about length around the growth of design internally, what worked, what didn’t and how to take the business on the journey. They currently sit at 200+ designers. How do they hire? Is it purely a skills acquisition or are they hiring for purpose?

This episode is a peek behind the curtain of an organisation who went from a Stage 2 in the design maturity ladder where design was used as styling all the way through to where now, according to Michelle, it’s used to inform strategy - stage 4.

Michelle is truly awesome and I know you will love them - let’s get into it...

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