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Welcome to BRIGHTSPOTSRADIO.I am Sandra Deakin and I love offering people BRIGHTSPOTS to lighten up their life. So they can step into their full POWER and inner JOY! I am passionate about LIBERATING YOUR SELFEXPRESSION. Because this has also been my own life’s journey.

Expressing my AUTHENTIC self with CONFIDENCE and EASE at all moments. I have worked as a TV and Radio host for many years in Belgium creating and presenting lifestyleshows that offer tools and insights to create your best life. Today I still offer these brightspots to people through my one to one coachings, trainings, public speaking, blogs, video’s and podcasts. I know it’s not always easy to live your best life.Especially when life challenges us it’s hard to stay centered and bright.I know, because I’ve been there myself.Although I had a successful career in the media,In my private life I did not have the courage to express my authentic self. I was a people pleaser and could not find the strength inside of myself to take up my space in life.

I was afraid of confrontation and was constantly looking for love on the outside.You can read more about my inner struggles on my website,on instagram and in the book I wrote together with ATL Europe “Transformation Lessons”.I learned how to transform my life for the better.I discovered SELFLOVE and SELFWORTH. I decided to SHOW UP in life and be my AUTHENTIC SELF at all times. This wisdom and life lessons I want to share with you through my podcasts. THANKYOU for being here.This is the kind of podcast that creates SHIFTS inside of you.

You will start to connect with a DEEPER PART OF YOURSELF.That part of you that is POWERFUL, JUICY, DELIGHTFUL and that DEMANDS RESPECT. That part of you that is SO IN LOVE with itself it RADIATES BEAUTY AND CONFIDENCE. The part inside of yourself that is no longer afraid to EXPRESS ITS TRUE SELF.When you become a BRIGHTSPOT you invite others to do the same. Just imagine how the world would look like if more and more people would feel good in their skin and become the creators of their own life. It would means so much to me if you share this episodes. (I have put so much energy and love into this and want these conversations to reach as many listeners as possible). If you share an episode TAG ME IN so I can reshare your story !Lovely to connect with you. Sending you heeps of love,Sandra X

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