Pastor Mike Landsman on Helping the Hurting through Chaplaincy, Church Relations, and Pastoral Care


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Once again, Nomadik Vagabond here!!! What up beautiful people of the global sphere!!! We hope y'all had a great time giving thanks!!

We got the pleasure of chopping it up with Mike Landsman, a pastor, hospital chaplain, and husband & father. He gives a glimpse into his daily routine as a hospital chaplain and shares with us the joys and challenges he faces dealing with people who are often terminally ill.

After jumping right into the heavy stuff we discuss his upbringing as a pastor's kid, his time in the Word Faith Movement ( how he was introduced to the early church fathers and the impact their teaching has had on his life.

He is also co-host of The Areopagus podcast on Ancient Faith Radio with Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick. He shares his experience being a non-Orthodox Christian on an Orthodox Christian platform.

This leads us into how Orthodox Christianity and the early Church Fathers have impacted him, how he has implemented some practices from early Christianity to enrich the worship life of his own church, and what it's been like to touch "multiple Christianities."

Lastly Pastor Mike shares what his pastoral role is like being "the new guy" at an established church with over 200 years of history—and the challenges and joys that come with it.

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