MET Gala Beauty Reactions! Plus “Anna: The Biography” Author Amy Odell


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There’s no denying it, the MET Gala is the new Oscars – as far as fashion goes. In today’s episode, we’re dissecting all of the beauty looks worth discussing, from Kim Kardashian’s bleachy ode to Marilyn Monroe to Nikki Minaj’s brow-to-boob crystal embellishments, Lucy Boynton’s rhinestone lashes and more! Plus, find out which celebrity debuted her new makeup collection on the red carpet.

Then, we’re chatting with Amy Odell, author of the new Anna Wintour book, Anna: The Biography. Having interviewed more than 200 people closest to the Vogue boss, we get the goods on the mind behind the iconic glasses and the bob. With insights into the editrix’s “militant” organization of the MET gala to the moment she “woke” to the inclusivity movement, Vogue salaries and more, Amy gives us a sneak peek into her page-turner that dropped this week.

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