✨ Every Euphoria-Inspired Half Magic Makeup Product, Tested. Plus! #DamnGood Mascaras For Your Lash Type With Celebrity Makeup Artist Kirin Bhatty


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As Jill is sipping sweet tea on a steamin’ porch in Georgia this week, Carlene welcomes makeup artist to the stars, Kirin Bhatty, to guest host a Damn Goods episode dedicated to the desert-island beauty product on everyone’s list: MASCARA! Kirin’s talents have appeared in Vanity Fair, Elle, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue – and she also creates some of the most memorable red carpet looks for celebs like Tessa Thompson, Awkwafina and Kiernan Shipka. Remember Machine Gun Kelly’s pearl embellishments for the VMA’s last year? That was Kirin!

Today, Kirin invites us to peer into her makeup trunk, revealing the best mascaras for every lash type, from short to straight to curly and sparse – along with her top tips to help troubleshoot common mascara dilemmas, like, how to avoid smudging when you’re tryna rock glazed-donut skin! Stay tuned until the end to find out which hero products from AAPI beauty brands that Kirin personally adores, from a luxe-y serum-foundation to a gel eye cream that might just help keep some of those mascara smears at bay.

But first, Jill makes a surprise pop-in with a piping hot review of the entire Euphoria-inspired makeup line, Half Magic, created by the hit show’s makeup artist, Donni Davy.

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