5th Anniversary Special! Introducing Our Official “Haul of Fame,” New Merch Drop + The #DamnGood Products We Use Ourselves


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Celebrating Breaking Beauty Podcast’s 5th anniversary, 4.5+ million downloads and over 150 guests, this week’s episode is an audible beauty party – and you’re invited! Tune in as we introduce “Haul of Fame,” a shoppable curation of only the most iconic, game-changing products that we’ve talked about in the past – all in one place.

Plus, to mark the milestone, we’ve got fan merch! Listen in to hear all about our peachy-keen “Damn Good.” crewneck, along with our long-sleeved t-shirt featuring our new, Winky-Lash mascot.

And finally, ever wonder which beauty products we use ourselves? For the first time, we let you know which #DamnGood skin care, makeup, hair products and tools made it to our permanent top shelves.

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