Tribe: Mission & Community at the Core. Delicious too.


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Tribe is the UK's leading plant-based performance brand, offering a range of bars, active oats and shakes that are super tasty and appeal to more than just serious fitness fanatics.

But more importantly, Tribe is an *Impact* organisation that began in 2013 with a community long-distance 'Run for Love' to set up the first home for trafficked children in the UK. The product range was launched only after the community had already found a life of it's own, and sales gained serious traction at the beginning of lockdown. With the brand doubling in size, it's now about to hit £6 million in retail sales value at the end of this year.

Tribe really is more than your average challenger brand. It's an ecosystem that includes their food business + their charitable organisation 'The Tribe Freedom Foundation' + the active community the founders have built since their very first run for love in 2013.

I think Tribe has all the makings of a future mega-brand. Why?
- It appeals to a potentially very large market of active people who want to enjoy their food, while making modern choices around nutrition, and ensuring their choices also help people & planet.
- It shows up with a clear and consistent point of view. It started with a social mission, ergo the mission at the centre of the brand is authentic.
- It's visually appealing and has lots of stand-out on-shelf in the categories it's in.
- It's a cross-category brand with a consistent value proposition.
- It's plant-based....but delicious.

This is one to watch.

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