218. The Revenue Generation Roadmap


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This week I'm sharing the process that I take my BBA clients through that has seen clients triple their income, secure high-quality and revenue clients, and get super clear on their message and what they're putting out there so that they can show up with courage and confidence - plus so much more. Over the years as I've grown my business, I've gone back, again and again, to look at my process. What did I do, what do I do that helps me get super clear on what I'm offering and saying. What I'm focusing on and building towards. I think that getting clear on your big goals, having great professional practices and being someone who can get out of their own way is how you become successful. So in this episode, we're talking about:

  • The 7 key elements you need to nail
  • How I use the Revenue generation road map at the start and how I use it now no matter what stage of business you're at
  • 2 things that can make a huge difference to the amount you sell (MEMOs & /personal brand TL)

and more If you're ready to work through this process then make sure you come and join us in BBA. Live round starting 24th July.

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