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Host Dr. Andrea Wilkinson has a PhD in Psychology, with a specialization in Cognitive Aging. She has been studying brain fitness and cognitive maintenance for over 15 years. The BrainShape Podcast discusses the hottest issues, topics, interests and concerns related to healthy aging and brain health for aging adults, older adults, seniors and baby boomers who want to learn about how to stay mentally and physically engaged for as long as possible. What are the tips and techniques that promote successful aging? How do I age well? How can I improve my brain health and memory? How can I protect my brain against disease and illness? What is brain plasticity? How does food, nutrition and fitness affect the aging brain? What lifestyle promotes healthy and successful aging? Welcome to the BrainShape Podcast where Dr. Andrea answers all of your questions and so much more! Week after week, Dr. Andrea cuts through the noise of an ever growing, ever changing world of brain health. She shares her expertise on healthy aging and has in-depth conversations with experts and knowledge leaders. On this podcast, we talk about everything that impacts healthy aging from fitness, brain food, nutrition, socializing, sleeping habits, mental stimulation, meditation, the downside of brain games, memory, cognition, family, travel, lifestyle, habits, retirement, volunteering and so much more! Dr. Andrea gives you actionable and tangible tips, tools and techniques backed-up by real scientific studies that will get you inspired and help you to keep your brain in shape. To stay in touch with all things BrainShape, you can check out and follow Dr. Andrea Wilkinson on social media @BrainShapeTO.

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