105: The Hardest Lift


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Health science writer and noted swole woman Casey Johnston joins us this week to talk about the convergence of exercise and strength training, food science, mobile tech, and the Internet. What's a healthy way to track your fitness progress without staring at numbers all day? How much commitment does it take to lift weights, really? Is food good? (Hint: probably.) We ponder these questions and more, plus a conversation about the past and present of digital journalism and some thoughts on the independent-newsletter life.

You can find Casey's newsletter at She's A Beast: A Swole Woman's Newsletter, and here are some starter fitness links provided by Casey herself:

GZCLP: https://saynotobroscience.com/gzclp-infographic/

r/fitness basic beginner routine: https://thefitness.wiki/routines/r-fitness-basic-beginner-routine/

StrongLifts: https://stronglifts.com/

A beta of Casey's program LIFTOFF: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14GO0yclhOU4_Jfj7DPBHVr_CIvkZvBoFt37TriHo8DY/copy

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