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SPECIAL EPISODE! This is a new monthly format that we have launched! Dr. Nick Norwitz and I hit it off so well in episode 100 where he told us his incredible story, that we decided to let him take over as the host of the show once a month to talk to whoever he wants about whatever topic he chooses! His third pic was fantastic! Dr. Adrian Soto-Mota is a researcher at the Unidad de Investigación de Emfermedades Metabólicas! We are grateful for all of them and their work!
Find Dr. Norwitz at-
TW- @nicknorwitz
YouTube Story, wow!
Find Dr. Adrian Soto-Mota at-
TW- @Ad_SotoMota
LK- Adrian Soto-Mota
YT (Spanish speaking!)- Adrian Soto

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