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The Bottom Line Advocator was created for those who want to do more and be more in their lives. Each day, you either get better or worse—there’s no staying the same. The outcome depends on making informed decisions. The Bottom Line Advocator, hosted by Bottom Line CEO Sarah Hiner, elicits advice from today’s most successful and influential experts, sharing not just the "whats" but the "how tos" of implementing their knowledge into action-focused advice. The more you know, the better your decisions…and the better your life. Sarah has a unique ability to relate to her guests, who range from top doctors to real estate experts, and create conversations that deliver the perfect combination of quick, easy-to-digest information and entertainment. It's like sitting in on a living room chat with the amazing expert of the day. More than 40 years ago, Bottom Line was founded in the basement of business and marketing legend Martin Edelston with $5,000 and a dream to provide information accurately…concisely…and clearly written. Today, his daughter Sarah Hiner continues to carry out his mission as CEO and host of The Bottom Line Advocator. Are you looking to get more out of life? Looking for ways to improve your health, happiness and bank account? This podcast is for YOU.

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