Draught98: Halloween Cocktail Recipes, Ghost Stories, Name that Hop, and Top 10 Cheap Beers


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It's the Halloween Show! The Commish tells the tale of the ghost of Drunk Tom and one man's spooky vision of him, both the Commish and Coley have had encounters with ghosts, and the Commish is launching a ghost podcast and paranormal society. Plus five recipes for the best, and easiest, Halloween cocktails to impress at all your scary soirees.
Coley's drinking Sippin' Pretty from Odell Brewing, Sandro got Cinnamon Dulce Nitro Stout, one of Firestone Walker's best seasonal stouts. and the Commish found a collab between Alesmith Brewing and Beachwood Brewing which is a double dry hopped West Coast IPA named Tower of Flower.
There are some surprises in the list of the Top 10 most popular cheap beers in the country, and Coley and the Commish go head to head to name as many hops as they can that begin with the letters C, A, M, and S.
Finally a familiar BoozeCast host once again sits on the throne to claim the Charlie Sheen Award in the 4th & Oz. fantasy football league.

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