Bugs vs. Customers


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Brian and Jordan are back behind the mic for the second week in a row. Today they’re focusing on bugs over customers, or should it be the other way around? After some project and business updates, they talk about the early stages of development and launch for a new product. How do you decide if this new project is worth it? How do you find people who are as excited about it as you are?

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Here are today’s conversation points:

  • Project and business updates: marketing, development, and not moving fast enough
  • Talking with partners and agencies versus potential customers
  • Taking a position and what that means for a business
  • How to decide whether a project or a product is worth the time?
  • The Catch-22 of starting and growing a new business
  • How to evaluate a “head-of-growth” expert
  • Pivotal moments in ZipMessage and secret projects
  • Growth hacks for ZipMessage





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