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"So we've been here for thousands of years, and we've developed a language during that time. So integrated into the language is so much knowledge about how to live in our traditional territories. In our traditional territories, our language developed, and because of that, our culture is so embedded within the language and the land. It's almost interconnected with it, with the different animals that live there, with the different species, the plants, all our metaphors have something to do with the land that we've been on. And because we're so connected to it, and it's part of our spirituality as well. When we say intergenerational values are in our language, that's part of it because when we are speaking our language, it's passing on our culture. It's passing on that connection that we have to our ancestors on the land. It's passing on how to live on the land. It's passing on all the methods and the science that we've developed for thousands of years of how things work on the land."

Victor A. Lopez-Carmen is a Dakota and Yaqui writer, health advocate, and student at Harvard Medical School. He is cofounder of the Ohiyesa Premedical Program at the Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH), which supports Indigenous community and tribal college students to pursue healthcare education. He also founded Translations for our Nations, a grant funded initiation that translated accurate COVID-19 information into over 40 Indigenous languages from over 20 different countries. For his work, he has been featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 and Native American 40 under 40 lists. He is Co-Chair of the UN Global Indigenous Youth Caucus.

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