Claire Potter - Designer, Lecturer, Author of “Welcome to the Circular Economy”


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Claire Potter is a circular economy designer, researcher, lecturer and author based in Brighton, UK. Claire is the Course Convenor of the BSc/BA Product Design course at the University of Sussex, runs her own award-winning circular economy design studio, is a volunteer Regional Rep for Surfers Against Sewage and a working group co-ordinator at the Global Ghost Gear Initiative. In 2021, she published her first book “Welcome to the Circular Economy - the next step in sustainable living”.

"That's something that I would want all of the next generations to have in some way or another, to have the ability to access and be amazed by how staggeringly beautiful, complicated - awful in some ways and just brutal - the natural world is, but then really sit and think about how the natural world just gets on and does it.

And every species is benefited from everybody else. And you could remove humans from that equation, and nature would just carry on doing its thing. So that's what I would love for people to see and to realize is that nature is so incredibly beautiful and diverse. And so are we. So how can we take the beauty and diversity of the natural world and actually learn a lot more and stop thinking we're separate from nature because we are pretty much, we are all part of that same biosphere on the planet."

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