Chris Coulter - CEO of GlobeScan - Co-author of “All In: The Future of Business Leadership”


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Chris Coulter is CEO of GlobeScan, an insights and advisory consultancy helping companies, NGOs, and governmental organizations know their world and create strategies that lead to a sustainable and equitable future. He is a co-author of All In: The Future of Business Leadership, and The Sustainable Business Handbook. He is Chair of Canadian Business for Social Responsibility, a member of B Lab’s Multinational Standards Advisory Council and serves on Walgreen’s Corporate Responsibility Advisory Board. Chris also co-hosts All In: The Sustainable Business Podcast.

"My intention was to become a doctor because my parents were quite civic-minded and old hippies who wanted to, you know, change the world in the sixties. And so those values were instilled. I thought medicine would be a great place. I ended up shifting to international development and wanting to focus on that part of what was transpiring in the world.

I ended up working for the Canadian government in CIDA, which is the former USAID equivalent in Ottawa. And then I saw a poster to volunteer in Ukraine, and my mother's side of the family is Ukrainian, so I thought that what a great thing to do. So I ended up being the guy who could speak English and write proposals for NATO, ironically, in 1996, for this really interesting organic organization called Democratic Initiatives Foundation, which continues to exist by this fantastic founder Ilko Kucheriv, who's passed away, sadly. He was a democratic reformer. Ukraine became independent in '91. He wanted to bring tools from the West that were important to develop civil society, which included public opinion polling."

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