#212 - Ian Miller on UNMASKED


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Substacker Ian Miller chats with Trey Elling about UNMASKED: THE GLOBAL FAILURE OF COVID MASK MANDATES. Questions include:

  • What was the consensus among organizations regarding face masks mitigating the spread of respiratory viruses, and why did that change so drastically shortly after the start of the COVID 19 pandemic? (1:06)
  • With asymptomatic transmission touted early in the pandemic as a reason to mask, was there any research conducted in 2020 on the actual threat of asymptomatic spread of this virus? (3:01)
  • Why does it matter that this respiratory virus spread through airborne means and not droplets, as it relates to masking? (4:19)
  • How were medical professionals justifying the September 2020 claim that masks were more effective against this virus than a potential vaccine? (6:57)
  • What was Ian's starting point for the ridiculous claims on masks' effectiveness? (10:10)
  • Where does he get his info and how time consuming is it to put together his comparative charts that prove the ineffectiveness of masking and mask mandates? (12:38)
  • Considering the drastic differences between the mitigation efforts in California and Florida, how have these to compared since the Sunshine State completely opened back in in September 2020? (14:55)
  • How have hospital numbers been manipulated to help the case for masking? (17:04)
  • Is the disappearance of the seasonal flu the past two winters a good argument that masking works in some capacity? (21:48)
  • Do N95 and KN95 masks protect the wearer more than cloth and surgical masks? (23:44)
  • How concerned is he with the longterm effects of the forced masking of kids in schools across the country? (25:06)
  • How is the most recent CDC study proving the effectiveness of indoor masking flawed to the point of irrelevance? (29:55)

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