#209 - Bill Snyder on BILL SNYDER


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College football hall-of-famer and former Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder chats with Trey Elling about BILL SNYDER: MY FOOTBALL LIFE AND THE REST OF THE STORY. Questions include:

  • Did his desire to help others come from his own upbringing? (2:52)
  • Who was Dr. Norris Patterson, and how did he help change the trajectory of Bill's life? (4:21)
  • Why did he decide to take over a Kansas State program that was considered to be one of the worst in college football history? (8:57)
  • What was his first order of business in Manhattan? (17:00)
  • Why does he love the story of Pinocchio? (27:41)
  • Was there an overriding quality he'd look for when hiring assistant coaches? (31:59)
  • What about Darren Sproles made him a perfect prototype player for the K-State program? (36:20)
  • As a big fan of hand-written notes, is there a note he cherishes that someone penned for him? (39:22)
  • What was his secret for success against the Texas Longhorns? (42:01)
  • What does he think of Texas and Oklahoma moving to the Southeastern Conference? (43:51)
  • Is he a fan of expanding the college football playoff beyond four teams? (45:57)
  • Is Bill glad college athletes can now profit off of name, image, and likeness? (49:40)
  • How does he hope to be remembered when he's gone? (52:15)

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