NWA Sat Night on TBS Recap July 14, 1990! Sting is the World Champ, Stan Hansen teaches Tommy Rich a lesson, and more!


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This week's Time Stamps for our NWA Saturday Night on TBS recap from July 14, 1990 review are as follows:

  • Opening Shenanigans! ( 0:01:08 )
  • Doc brings up the topic of his broad's #BroadLogic and broads in general working themselves into a shoot and something he calls misplaced focus. ( 0:02:35 )
  • New Patreon shoutouts! And become a Patron of ours at https://www.patreon.com/BookingTheTerritory, ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE. SAVE 10% WHEN SIGNING UP FOR THE YEAR! ( 0:15:39 )
  • Apple Podcast and Podcast Addict 5-star review shoutouts! ( 0:18:34 )
  • NWA Sat Night on TBS recap from July 14, 1990! ( 0:25:01 )
  • Ratings and Rolex Time. ( 1:24:52 )
  • Information on Harper's Video Shoutout, Life and Relationship Advice. ( 1:28:26 ) Information regarding Harper's Video Shoutouts and we play Harper's first shoutout in case you're not on social media! 1. First things first, email Harper with the details of what you want in your video shoutout or who the shoutout is too. His email address is ChrisHarper16Wildkat@gmail.com. Also in that email tell him what your paypal address is. 2. Paypal him $20. Harper’s PayPal is, get your pen and paper out, cc30388cc@yahoo.com. 3. Harper will then send you the video to the email address that you emailed him from requesting your video shoutout. That’s it! Don’t email the show email address. Email Harper. If you missed any of those directions, hit rewind and listen again.

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