Living an Authentic Life and Understanding the Biblical Perspective on Gender with Gabrielle Claiborne and Rev. Linda Herzer


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Gabrielle Claiborne is Co-founder and CEO of Transformation Journeys Worldwide, an inclusion training and consulting firm with a transgender focus. She helps cutting-edge organizations position themselves to attract and retain the best talent, foster collaborative working environments, and drive innovation by creating fully trans-inclusive cultures.

Gabrielle has been an out and active transwoman since 2010. In 2020, she published her memoir meets self-help book Embrace Your Truth: A Journey of Authenticity. In 2019, the Atlanta business Chronicle acknowledged her as their Diversity & Inclusion “Outstanding Voice” Award recipient and she delivered a TEDx talk for Centennial Park Women TEDx, Building Your Courage Muscles.

From 2012-2015, Rev. Linda Herzer served a church with a large transgender population. This resulted in her learning much about gender diverse people, becoming an active ally, and authoring The Bible and the Transgender Experience: How Scripture Supports Gender Variance.

Linda has co-facilitated support groups for trans individuals and their loved ones, including the parents and spouses of trans children and adults. She was honored to be made an honorary member of the Atlanta chapter of Tri-Ess, an international organization for cross-dressers, and to receive the Georgia Diversity Council’s 2020 LGBTQ+ Ally Award.

This episode we discuss

🌈Finding the courage to live your truth

🌈The costs and rewards of authenticity

🌈Affirming spaces for Trans Christians

🌈How to be a better ally to trans folks


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