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Amazin LeThi is a global Vietnamese LGBTQ advocate, keynote speaker, athlete and thought leader. She is a former competitive bodybuilder, entertainment executive and the first Vietnamese internationally published fitness author. Amazin has captured audiences with her story from the United Nations to Google and governments from all around the world. As a thought leader and through conversations, panel discussions and Q&As, Amazin shares her personal journey of homelessness to becoming one of the most visible and influential LGBTQ activists in the world. Her story was included in the It Gets Better campaign and the first White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Asian anti-bullying campaign Act to Change.

In this interview Amazin shares her story of being raised in an intensely anti-Asian environment. This episode will make you want to finish construction on your time machine to go back and back hand some folks in young Amazin’s defense. If you are able to do that let us all get in on that.

It's heart breaking to face how much trauma some of us have survived at the hands of white supremacy culture, how much of the racism we internalized and how many years we’ve had to dedicate to recovery.

The beauty of the story is that Amazin not only survived, but found a way to repair her self-worth and actively work to fight systemic oppression and shield the most vulnerable from abuse and bigotry.

This episode we discuss:

🌈The transracial adoptee experience

🌈Discovering the empowering nature of body building

🌈Recovering from low-self worth and internalized racism

🌈Intersectional activism and fighting AAPI hate


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