False Narratives


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Today’s show rundown:

We talk about all the misinformation you must weed through on your day-to-day basis. Because the Federal Government insists that they have complete control of your life, instead of you running your own life. Chuck talks the voting rights bill – this is federalizing voting, taking power away from the states. Chuck believes this will not get passed because there is dissent on the left. So, when Democrats can’t win, they try to change the rules. It is unbelievable to think about…all you hear is “Assault on our Democracy” the Left is trying to tie EVERYTHING into some attack on our “Democracy”.

The Free Press was supposed to act as the unofficial 4th branch of Government. They would hold the other 3 branches to the truth. But now days, our news outlets report gossip and misinformation. They are in the pockets of the Left and reporting whatever narrative they want to. Also, our current Administration is reaching out to Media Carriers to get them to remove stations like OAN, or other stations that carry messages other than theirs.

The purpose of this government is to make this country ungovernable. Other false narratives such as - Inflation is transitory, inflation is driven by corporate greed, the secret Beef and Meat Cartel (cabal). We paid people not to work, you have more money going after fewer goods and services, the cost of shipping containers has gone through the roof. What did Trump do, he deregulated, and made us energy independent.



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