Ep. 44 - The Highball-ad of John and Yoko (feat. Walter Martin)


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We take a break from the Blost Weekend to discuss Ringo's feelings on Dianetics, missing Mystery words, our guest Walter Martin, Walt's amazing new record THE BEAR, our new segment "Choppin' Wood with Walter Martin," a pro solo Ringo take, telling the guy at the grocery store about how Leonard Cohen kissed your girlfriend on the cheek, Walter's song about the Beatles called "The Beatles," another episode of And Your Nerd Can Sing, McCartney doing RUN DMC, recognizing the Joe Bonamossa cover of this song, immediately A-Paul-ogizing because Joe Bonamossa never did a cover of this song, Peter Brown getting some shine, lots of breakfast talk, and the story song "The Ballad of John and Yoko."
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Hosts: Becker and Tommy
Guest: Walter Martin (waltermartinmusic.com, @walterrmartin)
Executive Producer: Scotty C.
Additional Musical Supervision: RB (@ryanobrooks)
Associate Musical Supervision: Tim Clark (@nodisassemble)

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