Episode 147: Clare Belford v. Weight Loss Instagrammers


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Clare Belford (comedian) returns to the show and she's got a new view on life where she doesn't want to hear about your weight loss program, your diet, your latest fad, or just your weight in general. And she's got a block for that! We discuss how COVID has distorted everyone's view of their own bodies and it gets a bit real but it gets very nice too, which we love. And of course, we go over a bunch of not nice stuff as per usual, as we get into living in Eastern Canada, haircuts, curling fights, weird drink combinations, Pepito the Cat, and John and Stefan pull out the measuring tape to see who has the bigger head.

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Clare Belford is a comedian whose debut album, The Entire Cabbage, is out now wherever you get your albums. You can follow her on Twitter at @ClareBelford and on Instagram at @clarble.

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