"We’re in this for the liberation” — More from Rev. Krissy on transforming the Church


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UCC pastor Rev. Krissy imagines a Body of Christ that moves beyond the institutional Church. We are called to confront corruption and power, and to unite in solidarity with all who work towards liberation.

This is a bonus clip from a larger conversation; check out episode 54 — “Coming Back to Life: Rev. Krissy is a Politically Queer UCC Pastor" — for more of Krissy's story and wisdom. Find Krissy at rev-krissy.tumblr.com; or visit their church website: www.epiphanyucc.org

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Talking Points:

(0:00 - 3:45) Intro material
(3:46 - 7:30) Pushing congregations to reimagine belonging — uncertainty is welcome; all who will work with us for liberation are welcome
(7:31 - 12:40) "You want to know why people are leaving the church?" — church as an institution isn't what matters
(12:41 - end) Resisting fundamentalism, literalism, and biblical translations that uphold empire



- Interfaith Worker Justice

- "Labor Rights in the Jewish Tradition"

- “What is biblical inerrancy? What does it mean to say the Bible is literally true?”

- "American Christianity's White Supremacy Problem"

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