Leslie Feinberg on Trans Liberation & Solidarity


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Avery reads excerpts from Leslie Feinberg's Transgender Warriors. Though the book was first published in 1996, the history it relates could not be more pertinent. In the shared passages, Feinberg emphasizes how we must not only demand and win but also defend our human rights. The fight isn’t over until systems that deny us our rights are also overthrown, and every single person is free.

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You can read Transgender Warriors for free online.

Talking points:

(0:00 - 4:48) Introducing Leslie Feinberg and Transgender Warriors

(4:49 - 15:42) Resisting divide-and-conquer tactics, fighting to win and keep trans rights and all rights

15:43 - end) Wrapping up — send Avery your thoughts, fears, responses to current events

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