October 2021, Week 3


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From Daniel Phelps The Ark had its lowest number of September ticket sales, except last year when the coronavirus pandemic was more rampant, than since records have been available. My open records request revealed the Ark sold 64,301 tickets last month. Note that this time period includes the last portion of the heavily touted “40 Days and 40 Nights” gospel music concert series at the Ark. Moreover, Ken Ham has recently bragged in social media about “record attendance” at the Ark. Of course these numbers do not include small children and lifetime pass holders, as Ham would be quick to point out. Still, the numbers indicate the Ark is not having, and has never had, anywhere the 1.4 to 2.2 million visitors per year that were projected when the tax break incentives were given to the Ark Encounter by Kentucky’s government. 2017: September: 83,330 ($41,665.00) 2018: September: 69,207 ($34,603.50) 2019: September 2019: 73,541 ($36,770.50) 2020: September 2020: 44,571 ($22,285.50) 2021 September 2021: 64,301 ($32,150.50)

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