Skye Mail #10 (Special Guest: Fabrice Sapolsky)


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Welcome to a another very special Skye Mail, the mailbag for Blake Skye: Private Eye! Changing up genres, we talk to a master of noir storytelling, Fabrice Sapolsky of FairSquare Comics, talking about comics, representation, and all that's fit to print but isn't because this is an audio format. Check out FairSquare Comics at Visit out Patreon at New Website: Starring S. J. Ryker (@lookwhosfhtagn) Special Guest Fabrice Sapolsky (@fabricesapolsky) of FairSquare Comics Artwork courtesy of byrd r.s. George Street Shuffle, Hard Boiled, Opportunity Walks, Dances and Dames, No Good Layabout, Deadly Roulette, Night on the Docks, On the Cool Side, Cool Vibes, Backed Clean Vibes, and Shades of Spring by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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