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BlackFacts.com presents the black fact of the day for June 29.

NAACP chairman S.G. Spottswood criticize Nixon's administration.

Stephen Gill Spottswood was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He went on to Albright College, earning a B.A. in history in 1917; Gordon Divinity School; and Yale Divinity School, where he earned his doctorate.

He joined the NAACP in 1919 and was an active voice for racial equality throughout his adult life.

He became president of the NAACP's Washington branch in 1947 and was elected to the national board of the NAACP in 1955, vice-president in 1959, and finally chairman in 1961, a post he held until 1975.

Spottswood earned a reputation as an outspoken critic of racial injustice and several times attracted press coverage for his political censures.

His most prominent criticism was directed at Richard Nixon and his administration's treatment of African-Americans, calling it "anti-Negro". At the following year's convention, Spottswood used his keynote address to soften the NAACP's stance on Nixon.

Newly unearthed recordings show former President Richard Nixon mentioned racist language in conversations with his close associates.

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