Health11 from May 20, 2022


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Eric Burden & Animals - "Black Plague"
Bollock Brothers - "Faith Healer"
Monty Norman - "Bad Sign, Good Sign (Unlucky Sneeze)"
Heywood Banks - "Yoga Song"
Fabulous Poodles - "Bionic Man"
Lightnin Slim - "My Starter Won't Work"
Beefcake - "Proctologist"
Hugh Barrett - "There was a Fungus Among Us"
Sam Adams, the Singing Dermatologist - "Squat Not"
Sam Adans - "Fight on Epidermaphyton"
Bo Diddley - "Pills"
Music behind DJ:
Cuphead - "High Seas Hijinks"
Kenneth Williams & John Howard - "Interesting Facts"
Madeline Kahn - "I'm Tired"
Jack Hilton Orch (Leslie Sarony) - "My Wife Is On A Diet"
Happy Days - "Pump Your Blood"
Pamela King - "Eye Song"
Andrew Norris - "Lung Disease Song"
Mr Parr - "Parts of the Skeleton"
Drug Life - "This is Why We Clot"
Banters - "Learn the Heimlich Maneuver"
Tom Glazer - "That Ignorant, Ignorant Cowboy"
Procol Harum - "Souvenir in London"
Jdalonz & DJ Rae - "Rabies"
Music behind DJ:
Cuphead - "Clip Joint Calamity"
Chris Mann - "My Corona"
Steve Stewart - "Escape (the COVID-19 Song)"
Holderness Family - "Quarantine (Is Not Quite Over)"

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