Designing Your Life - How to Build a Well Lived, and Joyful Life w/ Bill Burnett & Dave Evans #128


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What You Will Learn:

  • How to use design principles and key design mindsets to design your life.
  • The big fallacy of following your passion that's holding you back
  • What to do if you feel stuck
  • How to navigate if you are overwhelmed with opportunity
  • How to grapple with money vs. meaning in your career
  • Critical reframes you can apply in your own life to live a more joyful life


Today my guest are the authors of the New York Times Best Selling Book - Designing Your Life - How to Build a Well-Live, Joyful Life. Bill Burnett and Dave Evans are Silicon Valley innovators and Stanford University design educators in the hugely successful course, Designing Your Life, having helped thousands change the way they live. Using design principles and design thinking, they’ve helped thousands define what they want in their life and how to create it.

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