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If you've been thinking of making your own concentrates, then this episode is for you. Inspired by listeners who have been asking about making and using concentrates in edibles, having this knowledge can allow to make your own OR if you're buying concentrates, understand why quality matters. I'm joined by Chase, known online as Temple Grower, a guest who knows a lot more about making concentrates than the average person. Not only does he work in the legal cannabis industry in a lab making distillate, he is an avid cultivator, breeder, living soil advocate and concentrate maker. He's truly a believer in growing and making your own medicine so you can take control of your high life!
Concentrates make for potent edibles and lend themselves well to many candy-making recipes. They're great for topicals, making infusions or you can also ingest them directly. Since they're so potent, a little goes a long way so be sure to start with the smallest possible dose and work your way up from there.

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Last but not least, do this outdoors or in a well-ventilated area as alcohol fumes are highly flammable!

  • Temple Grower YouTube, Twitter & Instagram @templegrower, TempleGrowing website
  • High On Homegrown podcast
  • Percy's Growroom - look for Chase's (Temple Grower) living soil recipe
  • Chef Charleen Caabay likes to use concentrates in her edibles - episode
  • Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) vs. Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO)
  • Difference between types of concentrates is based on type of solvent used
  • Ethanol - drinking alcohol, Isopropyl - 99% alcohol, Acetone - toxic, don't use
  • Concentrated cannabis oil RSO/FECO does not preserve terpenes, tinctures can preserve terpenes
  • Get all that solvent out - improves the taste and reduces harm from ingesting the solvent which would be counterproductive
  • Lasts quite a while, store in syringe in the refrigerator to keep the molasses like consistency
  • Can use in gummies, candies, eaten directly, infused into fats
  • Start low and go slow - these oils are potent, proceed with caution
  • Test for potency by sending to a local lab, Gemmacert, tCheck
  • Buy RSO/FECO from a legal source unless you're confident with the producer, process and have a certificate of analysis. When you concentrate cannabinoids, you concentrate potentially bad stuff along side

Full Extract Cannabis Oil

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